About the Ajinomoto Hong Kong



Ajinomoto group aims to contribute to human health with a scientific approach to good taste and health by amino acid technology. Our group starts its own representative office at Hong Kong in 1927 to distribute AJI-NO-MOTO® to local Hong Kong market to promote simple seasoning that could enhances the deliciousness of dishes.

In 1979, Ajinomoto (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. was formally established. The Ajinomoto Group is always seeking new ideas and diversifying its business, producing a wide range of products, from seasonings, edible oils, and frozen foods to sports beverages. Our group also uses the world's leading amino acid production technology to develop new businesses, including amino acids for medicine and feed, amino acid base sweeteners, functional nutritious foods, medicines and other amino acid-related chemicals. The mission of our branch is to become a channel for our affiliates in other countries/regions to reach Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China markets.

Since the 1990s, "high quality and good for health" has become an important issue for the food and catering industry in Hong Kong, and we have launched a variety of consumer products from Japan and ASEAN affiliate since then. After 2000s, healthy food culture is popular everywhere around the world, and “Health” “Wellness” become familiar terms for the people of Hong Kong. Today, healthy living is no longer matters to individuals only, but a responsible for the environment, our Earth!

Ajinomoto Group slogan - “EAT WELL, LIVE WELL” is not the slogan of us to tell, it is our mission to carry it out and contribute it. We continues to pursue this goal by contributing to society in our spheres of Life Support, Healthcare, Food Science, and Amino Science, and by continuing to explore the potential of amino acids in every aspect of life.