AJITIDE® - IMP (disodium 5' - inosinate)

AJITIDE® - GMP (disodium 5' - guanylate)

AJITIDE® - I+G (50%+50% mixture of IMP and GMP)

AJITIDE® is our product line of nucleotides, which are produced through the fermentation process by using natural raw material and can confer Umami taste and enhance the flavor of food.

Nucleotides naturally exist in animal and plant foods in a more or less proportion of water-soluble form, and can induce the umami taste of food when combined with other ingredients.

Nucleotides can only be found in specific foods. For example, IMP (disodium 5' - inosinate) is mainly found in animal food such as beef, chicken, and fish; GMP (disodium 5' - guanylate) is found only in plant foods, and the content of fungi is higher than other plants, especially the content of "Shiitake mushroom" is particularly high which has strong and excellent "Umami" taste.

Ajinomoto AJITIDE® IMP (disodium 5' - inosinate) can highlight the umami taste of meat; while Ajinomoto AJITIDE® I+G combines the two and is made with a ratio of IMP 50% + GMP 50%, which can fully express the umami taste of food, and the taste is more real and rich.

AJITIDE® is a product of easy application, as it is highly soluble in water, has low hygroscopicity, offers excellent stability at high temperatures and in the presence of light and is not perishable.